Facebook enters the top 10 most powerful brands.

Facebook has just entered the rankings of the 10 most powerful brands in the world. Powerful brands are known to move a generation. Some of them become necessities in our everyday lives, some become our office partners, and others even become part of the language we speak: the English language to be precise. Facebook is joining the ranks of the most powerful brands that are moving the world in many ways – but remember, this ranking is more of financial power, unique product, or influence than life-changing inclined.

facebook interbrand rankings

The Interbrand ranking, Best Global Brands 2017 was released on the 25th of September, 2017, and prioritized brands according to the financial value they represent. Facebook made a remarkable entry into the top 10 as it slipped directly to 8th place ahead of Mercedes-Benz (09) and IBM (10) with an estimated value of more than 48 billion dollars. The company owned by Mark Zuckerberg is still far from the first place retained by Apple with just over $ 184 billion.

The rise of Facebook has been dazzling in this ranking. In 2015, the company was in 23rd place, then climbed to 15th place in 2016 and finally found itself in 8th place in the Interbrand ranking in 2017.

If this evolution is not impressive on paper, a graphic may make you change your mind. It highlights the evolution of the financial value of Facebook since 2012. That year, the group was worth 5.42 billion. Today, the company is worth more than 48.

facebook stats

The ranking is based on three data which constitute the final sum: the financial performance of the brand, its ability to influence, its ability to offer a premium product and differentiate.

The fact that Facebook has climbed to this place is not so surprising as its revenues are colossal, and it holds an indisputable position in the world of social media.

In the ranking updated on September 25, you can also find Netflix in the 78th place, or Ferrari in the 88th.