Facebook convinces publishers to use its Instant Articles feature.

Facebook convince publishers to use Instant Articles format with a new analytics dashboard.

You have probably heard about Facebook’s “Instant Articles”. If this is not the case, it’s a publishing platform developed by the social network giant for web publishers around the world. Instant Articles allows users to generate web pages of content much more quickly on the social network, probably because it is hosted by Facebook.

Facebook Instant Articles
Source: https://instantarticles.fb.com/

By setting up a new Analytics Dashboard, Facebook wants to give publishers the opportunity to measure the performance of their content on Instant Articles. Through the “Publishing tools” tab, publishers will be able to see the performance of their content. Surely a new way for Facebook to convince publishers to use its content platform.

The performance of instant articles over the years

In collaboration with Nielsen, Facebook has produced insights valuing its native content platform over the years:

  • news is a subject that requires a different format from something like a product page
  • the more users see Instant Articles in their thread, the more likely they are to click on this type of format
  • Differences in use across countries (the Middle East and North Africa is 80% higher than average).

These insights, together with other reasons, probably drove the social network giant to give publishers a new way of valuing the performance of their content.


More than 10,000 publishers use the Facebook format around the world, but the social network is experiencing complaints from the mainstream media. The main reason is advertising revenue. Indeed, using Instant Articles, the publisher is no longer a master of his advertising network and is forced to go through Facebook. But the income model is not high compared to Adsense or other revenue oriented platforms.

Then the debate between user experience and advertising revenue / data control also comes to play. Is it advertising revenue publishers want or are they looking for a more robust, improved way of producing engaging and excellent content for the user?

Nonetheless, Facebook seems to be progressing in its direction of giving publishers a robust publishing platform and the traditional media seems to be declining in that direction.

Which one would be suitable for you if you are a publisher?