Core i9 CPU? Intel is about the make things interesting

With Computex coming up there is a leak of Intel planning to bring on board a new set of CPUs, featuring a high-end Core i9 that will come with 12 cores. You won’t get it on your laptop yet as the new release is only going to be used on desktop PCs.

This leak seems to have happened through AnandTech’s board where a partner or employee took a picture of a German PowerPoint presentation, showing the specs of the forthcoming lineup.

This will really get interesting when the rumored CPU is released, according to the powerpoint in July. The most powerful option among the CPUs will be carrying 12 Cores with a power consumption of 140 Watts.  It will simply be the most powerful CPU you’ll find on the surface of the earth. Some also see it as an excellent option for the yet-to-be-introduced MacPro.

There will also be other core i9 options, including cores 6, 8, and 10. If you, however, would like to run single-threaded tasks, you can get those tasks run higher and faster with the Turbo Clock 3.0.

If the leaks turn out to be true, then the guys at AMD are going to get a little nervous with Intel’s second, or third, best chips outperforming AMD’s flagships.

The one problem that might crop up is the fact that this new giant CPU might cost a lot. We won’t be surprised if Intel decides to charge over $1000 for this new CPU.

We are waiting anxiously for the CPUs to be launched and ready for shipping sometime in June this year. It’s a good thing, both in the tech world and the entire world for Intel to introduce such an upgrade. It looks like the company never rests on its innovative quest for the best chips and devices.  Well, that’s good for society.