China forces Internet users to reveal their identity on forums

China Flag

China is a country that is known worldwide to be a strict regulator of the way people use the internet. Whether you are a Chinese or an expatriate, the laws in China concerning internet usage would affect you. Though the country has been criticized occasionally for limiting the freedom of its internet users, the socialist … Read more

YouTube is fighting radicalization through content redirection

Terrorism doesn’t seem to stop right now. It’s on the increase and the world is worried about it. As the number one free video sharing platform, where anything could be uploaded for the world to watch, YouTube has decided to fight terrorism using its own means. How? It will replace terrorism-related keyword searches with anti-terrorism … Read more

The WannaCry Ransomware: what you need to know

  Tagged as one of the deadliest and largest cyber attacks currently, WannCry is eating up the entire web, affecting PCs, both individual and businesses across the globe. This vulnerability was first discovered by the National Security Agency. Since its release, it has crumbled computers across the world from China to Russia and from the … Read more