With IKEA Place, you can test furniture with AR before purchasing it.

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Like many consumers, before moving to a furniture store, we would like to know if the piece of furniture we are about to buy will fit well into our internal decoration. Well, augmented reality says you can know how a furniture fits your room before buying. IKEA has just launched the IKEA Place application for … Read more

China forces Internet users to reveal their identity on forums

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China is a country that is known worldwide to be a strict regulator of the way people use the internet. Whether you are a Chinese or an expatriate, the laws in China concerning internet usage would affect you. Though the country has been criticized occasionally for limiting the freedom of its internet users, the socialist … Read more

Mailchimp launches campaign creation on its mobile application.

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Since its inception in 2001, Mailchimp has risen to become the best software that has added the DIY culture to email marketing. The platform now boasts of over 16 million businesses and individuals, all creating their email campaigns with ease. While the tool has established itself as a preferred platform for creating campaigns and sending … Read more

Walmart joins Google Assistant in its fight against Amazon.

A battle of titans is taking shape in the shadow of the internet. On the one hand, Amazon, on the other, large retailers. While Alexa continues to provide AI needs for retailers, Walmart has decided to join Google’s artificial intelligence. Through Google Assistant and Google Express, users will be able to place orders directly from … Read more

YouTube is fighting radicalization through content redirection

Terrorism doesn’t seem to stop right now. It’s on the increase and the world is worried about it. As the number one free video sharing platform, where anything could be uploaded for the world to watch, YouTube has decided to fight terrorism using its own means. How? It will replace terrorism-related keyword searches with anti-terrorism … Read more