The Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Following

Few industries shift as much as digital marketing. Technological advancements, new search algorithms, and evolving channels all impact the industry in profound ways. What may have seemed like a gimmick only a year ago might be the new standard nowadays, and keeping up can often be a little overwhelming. However, if you want your business […]

Adblock raises Flattr to the next level: paying is better than blocking.


Eyeo, the German company behind Adblock, the famous browser extension, has just relaunched its other extension, called Flattr. Its principle: determine the free sites you visit most and pay them back. If Adblock aims to block as many ads as possible, this will come as a hefty price tag for many sites. Realizing that it […]

PayPal is now integrated with the Facebook Messenger app

Facebook Messenger and PayPal have announced that it is now possible to send money directly via the messenger app. The online payment service Paypal has also presented a new bot. With this feature, users with a PayPal account will no longer need to go through their account to make or receive a transfer payment. In […]

Amazon receives approval for the sale of drugs in the United States.


Amazon is moving from one sector to another. Just recently, Jeff Bezos moved to the top of the world’s richest according to Forbes Magazine. The online retail giant is now trying its best to move into the medical field, supplying drugs. So will the company finally enter into the pharmacy market? Seems things are going […]

With IKEA Place, you can test furniture with AR before purchasing it.

ikea logo

Like many consumers, before moving to a furniture store, we would like to know if the piece of furniture we are about to buy will fit well into our internal decoration. Well, augmented reality says you can know how a furniture fits your room before buying. IKEA has just launched the IKEA Place application for […]

Tez, the Google app that transfers money with sound.

In India, Google launches a new mobile payment system that does not use the NFC, nor the QR Code, but sound. This is to facilitate transfer of money from device to device. Google has never hidden its particular interest in India. For example, in order to adapt to this market, the tech giant launched YouTube […]