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PayPal is now integrated with the Facebook Messenger app

Facebook Messenger and PayPal have announced that it is now possible to send money directly via the messenger app. The online payment service Paypal has also presented a new bot. With this...

Amazon receives approval for the sale of drugs in the United States.

Amazon is moving from one sector to another. Just recently, Jeff Bezos moved to the top of the world’s richest according to Forbes Magazine. The online retail giant is now trying...
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With IKEA Place, you can test furniture with AR before purchasing it.

Like many consumers, before moving to a furniture store, we would like to know if the piece of furniture we are about to buy will fit well into our internal decoration....

Tez, the Google app that transfers money with sound.

In India, Google launches a new mobile payment system that does not use the NFC, nor the QR Code, but sound. This is to facilitate transfer of money from device to...
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China forces Internet users to reveal their identity on forums

China is a country that is known worldwide to be a strict regulator of the way people use the internet. Whether you are a Chinese or an expatriate, the laws in...
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Mailchimp launches campaign creation on its mobile application.

Since its inception in 2001, Mailchimp has risen to become the best software that has added the DIY culture to email marketing. The platform now boasts of over 16 million businesses...
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The Nintendo Switch- The Good and The Ugly

Nintendo has played an important role in the gaming industry. In 2016 Nintendo announced its seventh major home video game console, the Nintendo Switch....