Your grammar will soon be fixed: Grammarly raises $110 million to make it happen

Grammarly is known worldwide for its excellence in correcting grammatical, as well as other errors in writing. It has so far allowed integration with many programs including Chrome, a Windows app, and Microsoft Word. Things are going to get more interesting as the company raises $110 million in funding to ensure that it works to […]

Windows 10 app for maps receives an update

The in-house Windows 10 app for maps receives an update: Notes can now be added via Windows Ink in Aerial Mode. In addition, you can create your own collections to bundle your destinations. As with Google Maps, you can now also submit corrections to registered data – such as opening hours of shops. Microsoft also […]

Microsoft eyeing the K-12 Market and the Chromebook

  After recently losing their Operating System Crown to Android, Satya Nadella (Microsoft SEO) and Co. are not going to sit back and let the tech giant go down. They are planning to go to the roots, namely the kids, and invest in early brand loyalty. Windows Central laid its hands on a document that […]

Oracle acquires Moat Cloud

Oracle plans to raise a moat between itself and that of its competitors. The tech giant announced in the beginning of this week that it has come into an agreement to acquire digital advertising measurement firm Moat with the amount not disclosed yet. Moat is to become a subsidiary, conducting business under the auspices of […]

Google Earth: Alive and Kicking, with more new Features

Google Earth

A lot of people probably thought Google Earth is gone for good. Even when it was widely used, people knew of it as just a ‘desktop’ app you need to download and install or add to your browser. Google Earth is being built from the ground up. Google is revamping the software for increased performance, […]

Security giant McAfee re-launched, escaping from Intel’s Shadow

Global security giant McAfee made it clear to the world on the 4th of April it has begun a new era, now as a stand-alone firm focusing its energy on fighting internet threats. According to Christopher Young, CEO of McAfee, cyber security is the greatest issue in the online age, putting a heavy burden on […]