iOS11 Underway: Apple ad-blocker and advertisers rebellion

Apple announced the introduction of its ad-blocker on safari in June this year. With iOS11 underway, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention is going to be more robust. Advertisers are concerned. Tracking is fundamental to online advertisers: thanks to the navigation and other data collected by browser cookies, these online advertisers can easily target Internet users. The […]

Meet the ARCore, Google’s development kit for augmented reality.

With ARCore, Google responds to Apple’s ARKit, as a way to democratize augmented reality on mobile devices. Google has just unveiled the preliminary version of a new development kit called ARCore. The letters AR representing Augmented Reality, the AR that Google wants to bring to existing Android smartphones, as well as future models. For the […]

A new Android feature displays GPS coordinates when you call the 911

The Functionality of using mobile phones to access the location of people often comes with mix feelings. Whiles some users, tech giants, and even governments argue for increased security for the majority, other users, tech giants, and some governments still think that it an infringement on the rights of people. But would this new GPS […]

Ask Google Analytics questions and get answers fast

Google is taking analytics to a whole new level. Instead of cracking your brain trying to correlate figures gathered from your visitors, trying to understand what those figures mean to your business, you could just ask Google Analytics like you are talking to a friend. And you’ll get an answer. That’s the new feature Google […]

The new Snap Map feature is already causing heated privacy issues

Snap Chat's logo

The newly introduced Snap Map feature from Snapchat, that never ceases to create a big difference, a war, between the advocates of a progress in social life and those who cry out against the violation of individual privacy. And based on this, it seems Snap Map has already started dividing its user base between these […]

Facebook is currently deploying its Wi-Fi network feature.

Facebook's logo

Short of mobile data? Facebook’s new feature allows you to find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. Social media giant wants to help establishments to be discovered through their Wi-Fi networks and Internet users to find access points nearby. For some time, the number one social network, is testing a feature called Find Wi-Fi in the Facebook […]