DeepMoji: An AI that attributes emotional emojis to a message.


DeepMoji is an artificial intelligence created by MIT and trained to associate emotional emojis with a message. This new AI would be able to recognize happy, sad, or sarcastic messages as you type them – and then associate the words with an appropriate emoji. Understanding the intricacies of a message is not always obvious to […]

PAIR, Google’s research program on Man and Artificial Intelligence

Google's Logo

Should artificial intelligence be an end or a means? A central issue that the PAIR program is bringing on board. PAIR is the acronym for People + AI Research initiative. In short, Google wants to put man back at the heart of the Artificial Intelligence development process. Google’s PAIR program is divided into three parts. […]

Romi project: robots created by Toyota.

Toyota's logo

If my job is to be snatched away from me because of the invention of robots, I’ll gladly say that the robotic technology shouldn’t have been invented in the first place. But what can we do, innovation is inevitable, and when robots really take our jobs from us, we’ll surely find a way to survive. […]

Facebook’s Aquila Drone: Internet to the globe

Facebook’s drones combined with radio technology are ultimately going to beam internet connection to the world’s most remote areas.  Aquila, Facebook’s flying drone, will not just be a drone, but will also use radio technology to get an internet connection to the parts of the world that can not currently enjoy the internet. The goal […]

Quantum computing with space-time curvature?

General Relativity and quantum theory, the two pillars of modern physics, although notoriously difficult to reconcile, may beautifully work together, as a new paper suggests. Moreover, the space-time curvature and twisting create, manipulate and communicate quantum information encoded in light. Arguably, the reconciliation of General Relativity and quantum physics is probably the most difficult endeavor […]