PayPal join hands with Android Pay

Android Pay partners with PayPal

Though technology seems to have gotten to a higher level with new innovations springing out every day, mobile wallets are still not that popular. However, PayPal, with its new collaboration with Android Pay is set to convince more people to join the campaign and be part of the cash-less and plastic-free future that is envisioned … Read more

HTC is rumored to bring a squeeze controlled phone to the market

A flagship phone, rumored to be named HTC Ocean, with unique squeezing control specs, is to be released, hopefully, this April by the phone giant, HTC. This rumored phone was originally dubbed ‘HTC Ocean’, and now the HTC U comes with very subtle frames, volume rockers and standard buttons would be replaced with sliding and … Read more

Nokia: From Windows Flop to Android Top?

Nokia at technodite

Nokia, the biggest phone manufacturer of the nineties, took a deep fall when the iPhone, and smartphones in general, hit the market. Despite Microsoft’s efforts, and hopes, the Windows run Nokia Lumia phones just didn’t manage to live up to the reputation of the big names Microsoft and Nokia. The turning point could have been … Read more

Galaxy S8: What to Expect and When

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a complete hit, and despite the Note 7 dilemma, Samsung still owns a considerable portion of the smartphone market, around 20%. So it is no real surprise that the market has its eyes on the Korean’s next flagship, expecting the upcoming model to be a major hit. The official launch … Read more