A $100 charging case for the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is coming; get yours

In case you had doubts about Mophie, the accessories boss, would release anything about the new Galaxy S8 series from Samsung, then guess right because Mophie is releasing one soon: a charging case for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The charging case is called the Galaxy S8 Juice Pack. These are the specs that […]

Microsoft eyeing the K-12 Market and the Chromebook

  After recently losing their Operating System Crown to Android, Satya Nadella (Microsoft SEO) and Co. are not going to sit back and let the tech giant go down. They are planning to go to the roots, namely the kids, and invest in early brand loyalty. Windows Central laid its hands on a document that […]

LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: which one should you go for?

Don’t have an appetite for the Galaxy S8 but find it difficult deciding between the LG G6 and Google’s Pixel XL phones? This article will help you. If for any reason you don’t want the Galaxy S8, there are great, excellent-performing large-screen Android phones you can buy, including the astonishingly designed G6 from LG and […]

Xiaomi MI 6 launched

Xiaomi’s flagship phone, the MI 6 has been introduced to the market finally. Last year, Xiaomi seemed to have gathered a whole lot of attention with their remarkable bezelless Mi Mix phone, and in Beijing a couple of days ago, the M1 6 is now out. Xiaomi’s Mi line of phones has been a mainstream […]

Xbox: Microsoft officially bans emulators

Microsoft kills the video game! Nearly. With the Windows 10 Creator’s Edition coming up, Microsoft has also updated its Windows Store’s rules. Between all the usual changes and blah blah, a small change went unnoticed until some developers felt the pain, out of the blue.   Universal Emulator has been unpublished 🙁 Apps that emulate […]

Microsoft plans a Galaxy S8 branded phone

Do you love the Samsung Galaxy but would not want to leave all the apps that Windows offers? This is your chance. You would be able to use the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that will be packed with Windows’ Apps, as revealed by Windows. These phones are set to hit the market coming May. For […]