LG’s ProBeam: a laser projector that stuns

The ProBeam laser projector from LG was first introduced at CES in the earlier part of this year. The projector comes as a compact, not-so-expensive, and handy device that will appeal to people with a knack for big screens or large-covered presentations. that’s the ProBeam at CES this year. For clearer images, the technology behind […]

Core i9 CPU? Intel is about the make things interesting

With Computex coming up there is a leak of Intel planning to bring on board a new set of CPUs, featuring a high-end Core i9 that will come with 12 cores. You won’t get it on your laptop yet as the new release is only going to be used on desktop PCs. This leak seems to have […]

Huawei’s MacBook? Not actually; it’s called the MateBook X and it’s out again

The MateBook was launched last year but had its limitations. Huawei just couldn’t decide if it wanted a Surface clone, a tablet-like laptop, or a MacBook clone, a shiny life-style Windows laptopy thing. Apparently a Windows-Apple hybrid was not what the world was looking for. Huawei decided to drop the compatibility and touch screen features and […]

Rule your eSports and PC game with the Radeon TM RX560

AMD has brought to the market its new device, the Radeon TM RX560. A device that will give you the opportunity to experience excellence and speed in PC and eSports gaming. This is an added spec in terms of performance to the dedicated PC gamer. This new hardware is a midrange graphics card based on […]