Huawei’s MacBook? Not actually; it’s called the MateBook X and it’s out again

The MateBook was launched last year but had its limitations. Huawei just couldn’t decide if it wanted a Surface clone, a tablet-like laptop, or a MacBook clone, a shiny life-style Windows laptopy thing. Apparently a Windows-Apple hybrid was not what the world was looking for. Huawei decided to drop the compatibility and touch screen features and … Read more

Your Whirlpool Home Devices to be ruled by Google Assistant: the kitchen emphasized.

Whirlpool is adding Google Home support to over 29 large machines in 2017. You won’t be limited to Alexa only when it comes to controlling your whirlpool appliances with voice commands. Over 20 Jenn-Air and Whirlpool appliances are to be included with the upcoming 2017 launch. this is how awesome your kitchen can also be. … Read more

The new Intel Autonomous Garage launched: Big Data and 5G at the forefront

Intel’s new Autonomous Driving Garage has been launched in San Jose. The Garage, emphasizing fast connections (5G) and Big Data, is going to be the home for the development of self-driving cars. Intel has long been known as a PC processor manufacturing giant. It, however, begins a new journey into self-driving cars. This new office … Read more

Xbox: Microsoft officially bans emulators

Microsoft kills the video game! Nearly. With the Windows 10 Creator’s Edition coming up, Microsoft has also updated its Windows Store’s rules. Between all the usual changes and blah blah, a small change went unnoticed until some developers felt the pain, out of the blue.   Universal Emulator has been unpublished 🙁 Apps that emulate … Read more