Mozilla Firefox’s Three New Features: What can they do for you.


After the acquisition of Pocket in March, the open source browser Mozilla Firefox continues to grow. While version 57, or Mozilla Firefox Quantum, will officially be released on November 14, the browser continues the race against its main competitor, Google Chrome. In a post recently published on its blog, Mozilla has announced the three features […]

Director Mix: a technology for more powerful ads on YouTube.

Youtube is coming your way with more features. Just recently, it was a feature that allowed gaming enthusiasts to sponsor their favorite Youtube gamers, and now it’s for advertisers. The firm announced this week the launch of new innovations for ads on YouTube. They will allow advertisers to adapt the same campaign in thousands of […]

Facebook enters the top 10 most powerful brands.

Facebook has just entered the rankings of the 10 most powerful brands in the world. Powerful brands are known to move a generation. Some of them become necessities in our everyday lives, some become our office partners, and others even become part of the language we speak: the English language to be precise. Facebook is […]

BMW launches wireless charging for cars

Who though wireless, as a technology will go this far. Right from wireless networking to charging of our mobile phones, the technology has traveled far, and now cars are even not left out. The wireless charging for smartphones is almost universal: a few years after being introduced for Android smartphones, Apple decided to take the […]

Google acquires HTC’s Pixel team for $ 1.1 billion – What’s next for HTC?

Google and HTC

The R & D section of HTC, behind the Google Pixel smartphones, will be bought for $ 1.1 billion by Google. After weeks of rumors and speculation, HTC announced Wednesday that its share price would be suspended for a “major announcement”, the scenario of a takeover by Google is finally confirmed. More specifically, the “Powered […]