Alcatel A5 LED, the smartphone too disco to be serious?

The Alcatel A5 LED wants to stand out from the competition thanks to its light shell system. But is that enough to convince users or even compete with other smartphones? The A5 LED was the star of Alcatel at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. To shine the spotlight on this device was to […]

Google’s innovative touchscreen whiteboard hits the market

Google’s new Jamboard has hit the market, receiving praises from enterprise collaboration experts, individuals, and institutions alike. What is it at all that makes it a game changer? The Jamboard is a 55 inches digital whiteboard featuring a pen and touch input with Android and iOS compatible apps. It runs on the Nvidia Jetson TX1 […]

Piccolissimo, the smallest drone in the world

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have manufactured the world’s smallest drone with self-contained power. Piccolissimo is the size of a coin and less than 2.5 grams. Deployed in a swarm, it could be very useful for agriculture, meteorological, environmental or … police surveillance. Simple and robust mechanics The drone is simple, small but strong. […]

Major improved specs of the New Surface Pro from Microsoft

The new Surface Pro Tablet cum Laptop device was announced on Tuesday. Microsoft has made it clear that this 5th generation device has seen a major, though not a complete redesign in terms of hardware, software, and design. And on a closer look, the new surface pro is not that much different from its predecessor. […]

Huawei’s MacBook? Not actually; it’s called the MateBook X and it’s out again

The MateBook was launched last year but had its limitations. Huawei just couldn’t decide if it wanted a Surface clone, a tablet-like laptop, or a MacBook clone, a shiny life-style Windows laptopy thing. Apparently a Windows-Apple hybrid was not what the world was looking for. Huawei decided to drop the compatibility and touch screen features and […]

The launch of a new Syrian-refugee Wikipedia – syripedia or refupedia

“Searching for Syria” is a new website created by Google and the UN Refugee agency to answer all questions on the refugee cases in Syria – both before and after the crisis. One of the countries that have been hard hit by political and civil unrest for a number of years now is undoubtedly Syria. […]