Pico Goblin: Autonomous and Ultraportable VR Headset

Like many players who have embarked on the adventure of virtual reality, you may feel constrained by many aspects, such as the presence of wire, the need to have a compatible PC or smartphone or simply the price. If this is the case, the new Pico Goblin helmet should come in handy. The Pico Goblin […]

Logitech G433: a headset for gaming and music too

Logitech's Logo

Logitech, the Swiss Giant has unveiled its G433, a headset for the DTS Headphone X (7.1) compatible video game that is also intended for nomad use. This new headset is unique as it stands out for its hybrid positioning. this new headset is, however, seems to be destined for the video gaming enthusiasts, as well […]

Google has just transformed Gboard into Google of emojis.

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Do you often use emojis in your social media posts? You will love this new feature of Google’s Gboard keyboard. Just make a drawing on Gboard and the keyboard will automatically suggest the emojis that correspond to this drawing. In essence, when a user presses the pencil icon, he/she can make a drawing and the […]

Which devices are compatible with the new Apple OS 11?

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It was difficult to miss the announcement of the new iOS version. Apple has introduced an anthology of updates for its mobile operating system and devices, including the iPad. But now the question of the compatibility of the operating system with available devices arises. Will your iPhone, iPad or iPod be compatible with iOS 11? […]

Essential: Android’s Founder new Phone – What’s in it

Andy Rubin, the man behind Android has decided to release his own smartphone. The launch of the Essential Smartphone as it is called happened last Tuesday by Essential, Rubin’s new company. The phone boasts of amazing hardware and software features. Whiles the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is doing its work on increasing the performance of […]