Atlassian launches Stride, an application to compete with Slack.

Atlassian presented a new application designed to compete with Slack. Stride is the name, and Atlassian wants it to be a more complete version of the previous applications designed and run by the company, with a simpler connection with other third-party services as a priority.

Atlassian has already been in the messaging software sector for a long time. HipChat is a messaging application the company boasts of building and it seems to have done a great job of serving small and medium enterprises when it comes to messaging. But with the introduction of Stride now, the company probably should bury HipChat. Additionally, with the recent acquisition of the Trello platform, mutual integrations should be created to give users more power and options.

The launch of Stride is done, but only via early access. Interested persons can fill out a form in order to have the opportunity to put the application to the test.

In recent years, Slack has taken on such importance in business life, encouraging many other services and companies to enter  the market in order to take their share of the pie. If Microsoft is still trying to hit Teams, Workplace from Facebook remains robust, but no one seems to match the flagship app, Slack. Maybe Stride will get there soon.

The development teams have created, in one tool, a smart messaging application mixed with an audio or video conferencing solution. The ultimate goal is to have interviews conducted without the need for extra tools.

The offer works on a freemium model quite similar to Slack. Users can create groups with many users, and make audio or video calls. The service will remain free unless you reach 25,000 messages or 5GB of file storage. Then you will have to pay a fee of $ 3 per user per month.

With Stride, Atlassian offers a new alternative solution to Slack. Nevertheless, it will have to conquer the heart of new users, already accustomed to their messaging applications.

Source: TechCrunch.