Ask Google Analytics questions and get answers fast

Google is taking analytics to a whole new level. Instead of cracking your brain trying to correlate figures gathered from your visitors, trying to understand what those figures mean to your business, you could just ask Google Analytics like you are talking to a friend. And you’ll get an answer. That’s the new feature Google is bringing on board and it should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Siri is there for the iOS user. Google Assistant is available for the Android enthusiast. Alexa and Samsung’s Voice Assistants are also equally productive.  Voice Assistants started a long time ago. Without knowing it, we began to familiarize ourselves with all the possibilities that these Assistants offer us. Now, with Google’s own analytics’ ‘Voice Assistant’, we can gather, analyses, and deploy data through simple questions and conversions.

Google Analytics with its new feature shares its genius too and brings in a lot of fun as well. What kind of question do you have in mind? What is the number of mobile users on our site this week? How many unique visitors do we have from the US today? “What is our rebound rate? These are questions you can just ask Google Analytics and get immediate answers.

The function is part of a set called Analytics Intelligence and uses machine learning to aid users to have a better grasp of their data.  The Analytics Intelligence platform comes with additional machine learning possibilities, including Smart Lists, Session Quality, Automated Insights (accessible via a mobile app or the web), and Smart Goals.

This new invention, which comes from a Forrester insight that reveals that 57% of marketers have trouble giving their customers access to their data and knowledge. The proposed medium allows each user to ask questions that are of immediate interest to him rather than losing time in endless e-mail exchanges, or in the rich rubrics of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

This service uses the same language processing technology as other Google products, like Search or Android. It will be available in English and for all users of Google Analytics in the coming weeks.

For now, we can already take advantage of information available automatically on the Google Analytics mobile app.