Area 120: Google wants you to test its startup’s incubator’s products.

Google seems not to have any aim of stopping when it comes to innovating new things. Right from tech-oriented to environmentally conscious technological inventions, Google, since its inception, has shown its commitment towards making society a better place. This time, it’s about an incubator startup from the tech giant.

Area 120 is the name of this internal start-up incubator that Google launched in 2016 for its employees. So Google employees who want to embark on a start-up adventure are encouraged by the group to dedicate 100% of their working time, through the incubator.
And from now on, you may hear more often about this mysterious incubator

Indeed, as reported by Business Insider, Google has launched a site dedicated to Area 120. In this one, the American tech giant presents this brand as one that is dedicated to experimental projects and leaves a form for those who wish to have access to preview.

Area 120 is a team that is currently working on a dozen projects. Though the team believes that most of their experiences and experiments will fail, the team will equally be winning anytime they test boundaries and learn something.

You might already know two of Area 120 projects

The first is Uptime, an application that offers a bit of Snapchat experience, but with the content of YouTube. Currently, Uptime is already available on the App Store.

The other, unveiled very recently, concerns especially the developers who work in virtual reality. Google employees worked on an advertising format for VR content. On apps, YouTube videos, and websites, Google already allows content creators to make money with advertising. And the main idea is to do the same in virtual reality, with a solution that is flexible, non-intrusive and easy to implement.

This startup incubator will surely change a lot of things, including start-ups. And you, the user, will be the tester, the judge of this program soon, if Google allows that.