AR View: Amazon Adds Augmented Reality to Mobile App

Amazon recently started acquiring permits to operate an online pharmacy. Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest man.  There seems to be no halt for the retail giant when it comes to innovation and offering customers the best shopping experience. This time, the company is out with an Augmented Reality Mobile Application.

Amazon has launched its Augmented Reality feature, which gives consumers the chance to view objects directly from anywhere through the new App called AR View.

This app uses augmented reality, allowing users to virtually visualize products that are normally in the home and office range – interior design, to be specific, and in this way, decide how the products will look like when placed in the office or home. This new feature is a step further by the retail giant to enhance the user experience, and give users a chance to buy things once, as well as reduce the number of products that might be returned as a result of a bad fit or interior design inconsistencies.

The principle of AR View is the same as that of IKEA Place: just choose a product in the application, turn on the camera, show a space in your home or office and position the object. Subsequently, it can be observed from all angles (360 degrees viewing), distant or close. Amazon offers users the chance to choose an object from a list of categories such as “Salon”, “Decoration”, etc., as well as “Top Picks” for the consumer.

The AR View is currently launched on the iOS platform. Also, because the app only works on devices that run the iOS 11 version and higher, Apple devices from the iPhone 6s down cannot house the application.

Just as iOS users might be enjoying this feature, we will wait and see when the retail giant introduces it into the Android ecosystem.

Source: TechCrunch: