Apple AirPower: a dock that wirelessly charges Apple devices (iPhone, iPods, Watch)!

Along with its new iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple introduced AirPower, a wireless charging station that will be available in early 2018.

On the occasion of it’s 2017 Keynote, Apple formalized a brand new tandem of iPhone 8, but also the new generation of Apple Watch Series 3, not to mention an Apple 4K TV. By way of “one more thing”, Apple introduced the iPhone X, the “ultimate” smartphone, with an impressive OLED screen. A new iPhone range that yields to the Bionic A11 processor, but also to the wireless charging thanks to the presence of a brand new ultra-resistant glass coating at the back of the terminals.

In effect, in 2017, Apple switches (finally!) to the wireless charging system, both for its iPhone X and its new iPhone 8. The cable Lightning obviously is not to be thrown away, and the recharge by induction will serve as a complement of this good old traditional recharge wire. The three new smartphones actually work with the Qi standard of the Wireless Power Consortium, and are compatible with any induction charger.

Thus, in the beginning of 2018, it will be possible to acquire a “made by Apple” wireless charging station, which will recharge its iPhone X / iPhone 8, but also its watch, without forgeting your AirPods headphones. All this beautiful world can indeed be recharged simultaneously with the AirPower. To check the charged level of its devices, the user will only have to take a look at the screen of his iPhone, which will indicate the recharge level of each one of the connected devices. It’s simply convenient !

Apple says “the ambition was that you could charge your wireless devices anywhere.” That’s why the iPhone 8 and iPhone X work with Qi wireless chargers, which are usually found in hotels, cafes, airports and cars. Belkin and Mophie have also developed two new wireless chargers designed for the iPhone 8. Let’s wait and see when the new AirPower charger will be available, and especially at what price.