All you need to know about the iPhone X so far.

Meet the best iPhone Apple has made to date, the iPhone X (or the iPhone 10). Before its release into the market in October, it’s good to know all the specs that this knew smartphone brings to the industry. Let’s take a look at what the X has got for us.

Technical specs of the iPhone X

  • It comes with a Bionic A11 Chip
  • It will run on the iOS11
  • Improvements in Siri
  • Storage options: 64GB and 256GB options
  • Water and Dust Resistant properties
  • Comes in both gray and black color options

An all new design

  • At the design level, is the disappearance of the Home button.
  • The screen takes up almost the entire face of the Apple smartphone, except for a black band located at the top in which the photo sensor is integrated.
  • The device is equipped with a 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display screen.
  • It comes with a surgical stainless steel band.
  • Ultraslim or apparently non-existent bezels
  • Lighter and thinner than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Camera Specs of the iPhone X

  • A front camera that considers the depth of your photos depending on many features (FaceID, selfies with artistic blur or Animoji).
  • A 12 Megapixel dual sensor at the back (wide angle and telephoto)!

New Features

  • Navigation: The disappearance of the Home button forced Apple to come up with a new navigation system, based on intuitive gestures. For example, you can slide your finger on the screen to return to the smartphone’s home screen, or to reduce the size of an application to enjoy multitasking.
  • Security: A ‘True Depth’ 3D face camera that improves facial recognition.
  • Animojis: You can use the front camera’s facial recognition feature to animate emojis using your own facial expressions.


It has been a long time in the making, but at last you can wirelessly charge your iPhone with Apple’s AirPower.

Surprisingly the feature is compatible with the Qi charging standard, so you can charge your phone on already existing charging stations in a lot of public places.

iPhone X’s Release Date

As for the release date of the iPhone X, it will be necessary to be patient: the pre-orders will start on October 27, and delivery is planned for November 3, 2017.