Nintendo’s Animal Crossing coming to smartphones

Nintendo Aanimal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing, one of Nintendo’s star games, is set to land on smartphones at the end of November 2017. The Japanese firm is counting on the notoriety of the franchise and hopes for a commercial success. A game with strong addictive potentials After the release of the smartphone version of Super Mario Run, Nintendo is […]

Livetsream presents its new Mevo Plus camera for live video.


After signing its acquisition by Vimeo, Livestream launches the new Mevo Plus camera for live broadcasts. Though the basic features are more or less the same, the Mevo Plus camera, however, benefits from a better scope and some optimizations in terms of connectivity. While it was competing with Netflix for a streaming service for movies […]

Adblock raises Flattr to the next level: paying is better than blocking.


Eyeo, the German company behind Adblock, the famous browser extension, has just relaunched its other extension, called Flattr. Its principle: determine the free sites you visit most and pay them back. If Adblock aims to block as many ads as possible, this will come as a hefty price tag for many sites. Realizing that it […]

Gmail offering a library of add-ons to increase productivity


The Gmail application integrates add-ons for work by offering productivity tools. A few months ago, Gmail opened to third-party applications, and more recently to other email accounts apart from Google. This shows the willingness of the firm to integrate external elements and tools to promote user interaction with the app. In a post on its […]

PayPal is now integrated with the Facebook Messenger app

Facebook Messenger and PayPal have announced that it is now possible to send money directly via the messenger app. The online payment service Paypal has also presented a new bot. With this feature, users with a PayPal account will no longer need to go through their account to make or receive a transfer payment. In […]