Motion: a new BlackBerry without a physical keyboard but with an excellent battery


After the BlackBerry KEYONE, TCL introduces another Android smartphone. But this time there is no physical keyboard. While BlackBerry is showing good financial results as a service and software company, its partner TCL is still trying to find a place in the smartphone market – and that’s why it’s coming hard with this new introduction. […]

Sony launches limited edition snowboard

From the Xperia to the Vaio computers to the PlayStation, Sony has gradually implanted itself in many homes and offices across the globe. It has armed itself with the best of technology, surviving the Japanese market and transcending borders with its innovation. Created in 1994 by the Japanese company Sony, the PlayStation 1 knew how […]

Discovery and Google are launching a virtual reality series.

DISCOVERY TRVLR- with google

From HTC to SnapChat, from hardware to software, Google is collaborating with organizations across the board to ensure that it stands out in specific areas. This time, it is a collaboration that is geared towards making a virtual reality series. But it seems Google is not the only one spying the Virtual Reality market. The […]

Microsoft drops its mobile operating system

Microsoft's Logo

Microsoft has made its mind to finally say goodbye to its operating system on mobile. Though the decision might not be easy, it was made after the firm took into consideration a lot of facts, its market, and users, as well as developers. But if you are using a windows phone, you’ll not be left […]