Facebook convinces publishers to use its Instant Articles feature.

Facebook's logo

Facebook convince publishers to use Instant Articles format with a new analytics dashboard. You have probably heard about Facebook’s “Instant Articles”. If this is not the case, it’s a publishing platform developed by the social network giant for web publishers around the world. Instant Articles allows users to generate web pages of content much more […]

A new Android feature displays GPS coordinates when you call the 911

The Functionality of using mobile phones to access the location of people often comes with mix feelings. Whiles some users, tech giants, and even governments argue for increased security for the majority, other users, tech giants, and some governments still think that it an infringement on the rights of people. But would this new GPS […]

Facebook is preparing to launch Stories for Brands and Pages.

Facebook begun its stories feature with Facebook Stories. As many techies were talking about a complete copy of Snapchat, the world thought Facebook would stop there. But it seems there’s no stopping as Facebook plans to give the stories feature to Facebook Pages and Brands. The information was spotted by TNW who posted a screenshot […]

Ask Google Analytics questions and get answers fast

Google is taking analytics to a whole new level. Instead of cracking your brain trying to correlate figures gathered from your visitors, trying to understand what those figures mean to your business, you could just ask Google Analytics like you are talking to a friend. And you’ll get an answer. That’s the new feature Google […]

Meet ClearWin, a Germaphobe’s Savior

Ramps of escalators, doors to shopping malls, public transportation systems (buses, trains, etc.). These are places where microbes are created, live, and die. If you had a microscopic view you would feel like never touching anything in these places. To fight against this microbial ‘population’, Innotek from LG and Clearwin has developed a sterilizer that […]

PayPal finally accepted on the App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes!

Integration of third party software natively into Apple’s systems – App Store, Mac, and even on the iPhone, has not always been easy. The same goes for online payment platforms. Since Apple has its own payment platform, why would it need to integrate other payment services? After all, that’s inviting real competition. This time, however, […]