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PAIR, Google’s research program on Man and Artificial Intelligence

Should artificial intelligence be an end or a means? A central issue that the PAIR program is bringing on board. PAIR is the acronym for People + AI Research initiative. In...

DeepMoji: An AI that attributes emotional emojis to a message.

DeepMoji is an artificial intelligence created by MIT and trained to associate emotional emojis with a message. This new AI would be able to recognize happy, sad, or sarcastic messages as...
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An artificial Intelligence ‘nose’ that keeps records of different scents

Artificial Intelligence is growing at an extremely fast pace that a lot of people are worried about its impact. For now, we can just rejoice because AI is being used for...
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Get Ready for 5G

Samsung announced its innovative ‘I&G’ (Infill & Growth) Project for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd that will help expand the telecom operator’s network capacity as...