Global cyber-attack from ransomware Petya: Frying Pan to Fire?

The world has just recovered from the wreaking havoc caused by WannaCry's widespread malware, that hit an impressive number of companies at the end of May, a seemingly big attack. Just...
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With the Snapdragon 450, Qualcomm serves low-powered smartphones.

This year, a lot of talks about Qualcomm has been centered on its Snapdragon 830 platform that equips high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5, and which will...
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ZTE Nubia Z17: really cheap, yet a performance monster

Taking advantage of a live conference held in Beijing last week, ZTE launched one of its next flagships designed by one of its subsidiaries, the Nubia Z17. At the moment, it...
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The Honor Group has unveiled its all-new Honor 9 in China

After a good Honor 8 last year, and a Pro version a few months ago, the Huawei group has now officialized its brand new flagship, the Honor 9, a smartphone that...
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IOS 11: release date and all the new features with the Apple OS

We bring you all the specs that the new iOS brings into our new Apple Devices. Release date of iOS 11 No specific release date has been officially released by Apple. The OS...

Galaxy S9: Rumors and Specs.

Why an S9 already when we’ve not even used the S8 series to satisfaction? Well, you might ask. However, to Samsung, all they might be thinking of is innovation, new and...
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